Memorial Session to Honor the Late Professor Masanobu Shinozuka


Special Session of the 7th Asian-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and Its Applications (APSSRA 2020)

Tokyo, Japan

October 7, 2020



Coordinator: Tsuyoshi Takada (JAEA/ University of Tokyo) (pdf)



(1) Hitoshi Furuta (Kansai University) gMemory of Prof. Shinozuka -New Yorker with Samurai Spirit-h (pdf)

(2) Chung Ban Yun (Zhejiang University) gMemories of Professor Shinozuka: System Identification and SHMh (pdf)

(3) Bruce Ellingwood (Colorado State University) gFrom Probabilistic Fatigue to Load Combination Analysis and Urban Resilience – A 45-year journeyh (pdf)

(4) Fumio Yamazaki (NIED) gMemories of Prof. M. Shinozuka - Stochastic FEM, Lifelines, and Remote Sensing -h (pdf)

(5) George Deodatis (Columbia University) gProfessor Masanobu Shinozuka 45 Years of Memoriesh (pdf)




We, the symposium committee of APSSRA2020, would like to thank all the distinguished speakers of this special session and the participants from worldwide, supporting societies, and granting foundations for their support for the success of APSSRA2020 and this special session. We also offer our heartfelt prayers for the repose of Professor Shinozuka's soul.