Supporting Societies

  • - Architectural Institute of Japan
  • - Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
  • - Japan Association for Wind Engineering
  • - Japanese Geotechnical Society
  • - Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Granting Foundations

  • - The Obayashi Foundation
  • - The Maeda Engineering Foundation
  • - The Kajima Foundation
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Message from Organizing Committee and Student Paper Award

Message from Organizing Committee

APSSRA2020 took place successfully with more than one hundred presentations. The organizing committee sincerely thanks all the participants, supporting societies and granting foundations. Group photos of award winners and participants taken during the closing ceremony are available on the same webpage as proceedings download page.

Student Paper Award

The Student Paper Award Committee of APSSRA2020 is pleased to announce the following seven award winners of Student Paper Award of APSSRA2020. They were awarded at the closing ceremony on October 7, 2020.

Mr. Bittner, Marius (Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany)
Paper title: Reliability Estimation of Rare Events for Stochastic Dynamic Systems Excited by Stationary Stochastic Processes
Mr. Daub, Marco (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
Paper title: Engineering Analysis with Imprecise Probabilities: S State-of-the-Art Review on P-Boxes
Mr. Kim, Minkyu (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)
Paper title: Unsupervised Deep Neural Network for Near-Real-Time Damage Assessment of Structures Subject to Earthquake Excitations
Mr. Kruse, Sebastian Alexander (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Paper title: Bayesian Compressive Sensing Based Evolutionary Power Spectrum Estimation for Incomplete Process Records
Ms. Li, Pei-Pei (Kanagawa University, Japan)
Paper title: Evaluation of the Structural Reliability under Imperfect Knowledge of Distribution Parameters
Mr. Matsumoto, Yuma (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Paper title: Seismic Fragility Analysis of Human Injury Using Seismic Response Analysis Model of Human Bodies
Mr. Yaoyama, Taro (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Effect of Nonlinear Characteristics on Applicability of Extended Correlation Anomaly Detection to Structure-Portfolio Monitoring
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